My name is Tusharkumar Baraiya, and I graduated with a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Healthcare Management from CBU. I had the esteemed privilege of being a Valedictorian for my graduation and represent over 400 graduating students. 

During the 2022-2023 term, I had the privilege of serving as the President and Chair of Enactus, a position that offered me an exciting and fulfilling journey. One of the highlights was the opportunity to assemble an executive team comprised of individuals who shared a similar entrepreneurial mindset. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre greatly helped us to facilitate our Enactus agenda, providing us with meeting spaces and resources for our various activities.

We competed in the regional competition in our first year itself with great enthusiasm and gave a compelling presentation while representing Cape Breton University among 23 other prestigious universities. Our Enactus team participated in a variety of activities throughout my time, such as bowling, fund-raising events, social gatherings, and team-building activities. We also attended the Enactus National Competition to get new ideas and to understand how National level projects of other universities are performing. Our society was awarded as the “Society of the Year” for the 2022–2023 term as a result of our unrelenting effort and dedication.

In addition to my involvement with Enactus, I also participated in the March Madness competition, making it to the final five rounds and achieving a position among the top 32 applicants nationwide. This prestigious competition showcased the innovative ideas and high-potential businesses of students across Canada.

Furthermore, I took part in the circular economy challenge, where I presented a sustainable solution that aligns with the principles of environmental stewardship. 

I recently participated in the CBU Battle Apps 2023, a highly competitive event organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre. I am honored to have been chosen as one of the winners amidst the group of exceptionally talented participants. This competition showcased unique ideas and solutions in developing an application.

Continuously seeking out new opportunities, I have actively explored various avenues to further develop my skills and knowledge.

I would like to thank our Faculty Advisor – Todd Graham who has greatly helped me and my team in our journey. 

Beyond my academic and professional pursuits, I have dedicated my time as a registered volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross. My commitment to community service has been recognized, and I am honored to have been awarded as an Ambassador for the community. I believe that helping the community is an opportunity for us to grow as a person and to better understand how we fit into our new home. Participating in a noble cause as a volunteer can help us cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset while opening our eyes to our basic needs.

I would like to encourage the students to participate in the volunteer activities.