About Design 2 Make

Design-2-Make is a project of the Island Sandbox and is open to the students of Cape Breton University and NSCC Marconi Campus. This project will expose students to the process of applying creative problem-solving methods and skills to propose a solution to an issue being explored.

Students then take those initial ideas and move them to the NS Power Makerspace to prototype them. Design-2-Make provides students the opportunity to learn and work in a productive manner within small-teams, develop communications skills, collaborate with students that span academic institutions and develop community networks.

Students will learn the Design Thinking process to develop creative problem-solving skills. Students recruited with both academic and poly-technical skills will collaborate to identify and create a holistic solution to their identified issue. In addition to developing an understanding of the entrepreneurial design process, students will participate in workshop sessions that expose students to modern manufacturing processes, technology, and expertise.

Design 2 Make is a unique professional development program free to students of Cape Breton University and NSCC Marconi Campus in room CC-144 at CBU.

Get involved in the latest manufacturing technologies, 3D printing, laser-cutting and injection molding! The 3-week, Design 2 Make program is an exciting way to expand your resume with practical skills. Open to all CBU students.

Design 2 Make is presented with the assistance of partners Protocase, Innovacorp, Navigate Startup House, and the Cape Breton Partnership.



Students are invited to take part in sessions on Thursday evenings where students will learn about design thinking principles and learn about 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC machining, injection molding use in the development of real prototypes